Adoption of Smart Technology for Responsible GAMING

Yeo Teck Guan, Group CIO, Singapore Pools | Tuesday, 24 May 2016, 09:27 IST

Over the years, the gambling industry has evolved from conventional Business Intelligence (BI) to Big Data analytics. Previously, BI mainly focused on internal transactional structured data for descriptive analytics. However, the gambling industry is increasingly turning to Big Data solutions to now perform predictive and prescriptive analytics by leveraging on structured and unstructured data like demographics, video analytics, social media, etc.

Likewise, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club are exploring possible use of Big Data Analytics. Some applicable areas that may benefit from this technology are Risk Management, Fraud management, as well as possible new Responsible Gaming initiatives or education programmes to help the society at large. 

Technology has made it possible to implement applications such as time and bet amount limits and customised notifications for both registered users and the operator. It can also integrate reporting tools designed to meet the requirements of regulators, depending on the needs of each jurisdiction.

Leveraging IT tools to enhance customer experience
The gaming industry tries to provide better customer experience across a wide range of devices by utilizing the technological advances of mobile responsive platforms and innovative web designs. In addition to this, recent technological advancements and breakthrough in mobile application platforms enable better quality and reliable mobile applications.

What this means for the user, for example, is an immersive experience created from the convergence of two compelling content– real-time streaming of live matches and historical players statistics. By using high speed in-memory technology in BI tools, users can access this experience anytime, anywhere from their preferred devices.

Gaming operators in Asia have only just begun using Big Data for their business operations, in the business functions of customer service, responsible gaming safeguards and risk and fraud management. The adoption rate in Asia lags behind that of gaming operators in Europe and North America. Overall though, the present-day technology used in gaming needs considerable improvement in safe guarding gamers against cyber threats.

The challenge will invariably become more complex as richer and more dynamic content is generated, analysed, stored and retrieved. We are only scratching the surface of what technology can provide to address the needs of our various stakeholders.

Over and above harnessing IT for our business operations, Singapore Pools is extending help to local charities and community organizations to improve their operational efficiency and productivity. We plan to achieve this by enabling the IT capabilities of social enterprise start-ups of diverse size and requirements.

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